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Our History

From unique full-scale experiments to date in a 16-in crude oil pipeline in 2002

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To advanced systems for artificial lift, corrosion prevention, flow assurance, 4-Phase Digital Twins of horizontal wells and offshore flowlines today







and Wells


Oil and Gas



Km of Simulated

3- and 4-Phase Flows

Key Team Members

Yuri Fairuzov


A developer and implementer of advanced multiphase technologies with 25 years of experience in oilfield and asset integrity and flow assurance services at all stages of field development, from feasibility studies, FEED, and EPC to long-term operations and maintenance; recently featured in the flagship magazine of NACE International, Materials Performance (MP). Serves as an Advisor and Board Member.

Served as a production systems and integrity/flow assurance advisor in multiple, complex, mega projects (greater than $1 billion) in the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry in North America, Middle East, and Latin America (450+ upstream/ downstream pipelines; onshore, offshore, and deep-water).

Authored 20 archival journal publications of: SPE, NACE, ASME, AIChE, AIAA, Int. J. of Multiphase Flow, J. of Petroleum Sci. and Tech., Canadian J. of Civ. Eng. and 30 int. conference papers, including URTeC. Holds M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

Victor Fairuzov

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10 years of experience providing services to oil and gas companies in the field of multiphase flow in pipelines and horizontal wells to diagnose downhole and surface equipment problems, support root cause failure analysis process, and recommend intervention or design changes. Developed advanced technologies for integrity and flow assurance management in upstream and downstream pipelines, artificial lift, corrosion prevention, predictive operation and maintenance of processing facilities.

Was recently featured at the flagship magazine of NACE, Materials Performance, and was a keynote speaker at the Niobrara Shale Production 2021 Exhibition and Conference where leading Exploration & Production companies met with service providers in Denver, Colorado to explore the next generation of new technologies and techniques to enhance shale production across the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin.

Co-authored six patents and several conference paper. Holds a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Fernando Rodriguez de la Garza


Reservoir Modeling, Reservoir Characterization, Secondary and Enhanced Oil Recovery External Advisor. He is an internationally recognized expert in this field and has a vast experience in optimizing complex field development plans for world’s largest  naturally fractured reservoirs to enhance oil recovery.

Led a team of PEMEX’s specialists and worked with other companies and centers around the world on special reservoir engineering studies in support to the Cantarell Production Optimization Offshore Project that led to the implementation, in the middle of 2000s, of the world’s largest pressure maintenance project by nitrogen injection; 1.2 Billion SCFD were injected to double the oil production to over 2 MMBPD. His contribution was instrumental in helping the company solve problems related to gas and water coning in the 19 most important fields of México, accounting for 60% of the country's original oil-in-place.

Holds a bachelor’s degree from National Polytechnic Institute (1972), a master´s degree from the University of Mexico (1978), and a Ph.D. from Stanford University (1982), all in Petroleum Engineering.

Is the recipient of many awards and honors including: the SPE Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award, the SPE Regional Services Award, Juan Hefferan Award from the Mexican Association of Petroleum Engineers, the Mexican Petroleum Institute Award,  and membership in the Academy of Engineering of Mexico.

Strategic Partner

 SciCat Oil LLC, Houston, TX

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Accreditations and certifications


Achilles Certification (Extended Registry for PEMEX, Provider ID: 225543)
“Multiphase Energy Corporation  (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) predicted internal corrosion processes using ultra-high definition (UHD) simulations of four-phase and three-phase flow parameters; employed a novel technique to map adverse operational condition ...”

Rebecca A. Bickham, Editor, Materials Performance magazine, NACE International

“… has developed a unique simulation tool that enabled us to detect timely sludge and water accumulation in all types of pipelines operated by our company (flowlines, oil and gas pipelines).”

VP Pipelines Operations, NOC

“The services provided by the company helped us maintain oil production of the field, which is a very difficult task in mature naturally fractured reservoirs.”

Planning and Evaluation Coordinator, NOC 

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