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Gain a Greater Understanding of Multiphase Flow in Pipelines with Unmatched Simulation Accuracy

In the digital oil and gas era, Multiphase Cloud’s high fidelity, multiphase flow simulations drive better decisions and improve efficiency at all stages of field development from feasibility studies, FEED, and EPC, to long-term operations and maintenance of pipelines and processing facilities. The unmatched accuracy is achieved through the use of advanced simulation techniques allowing modeling of:

· Accurate, real (not simplified) pipeline elevation profile

· Solids accumulation in 3- and 4-phase flows

· Oil-water flow patterns in the liquid phase in all gas-liquid flow patterns commonly used in the industry to describe gas-liquid flow configurations

· Transient water holdup profiles in flowlines, wet-gas pipelines, and crude oil pipelines

Details can be found in the one-page brochure below.

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