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Realize the Benefits of the Simulation-Led Operation and Maintenance Optimization

Multiphase Cloud simulation solutions have been applied broadly across the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. The simulation platform contains the broad, physical modeling capabilities needed to simulate, visualize, and analyze simultaneous flow of all types of fluids and solids (gas, liquid hydrocarbons, water, sand, proppant, sludge, black powder, elemental sulfur, drilling mud, and control fluids) encountered in oil and gas production operations. Featured deliverables of our services include:

· Indirect inspections of pipelines to meet the requirements of NACE ICDA standards based on high-fidelity pipeline simulations, predictions of oil-water flow patterns in the liquid phase, condition mapping, and the duration of exposure to corrosive media

· Indirect inspections of intermittently operated pipelines, for example, pipelines used to transport crude oil from tank farms to oil tankers at oil terminals

· Total volumes of liquid, free-water, emulsified water, and solids in the pipeline

· Design of topside process lines on offshore platforms using high-fidelity 4-phase flow simulations that consider the design of elbows

· Gas-liquid flow stability analysis in offshore production systems with large-diameter flowlines to facilitate the control of the liquid level in the first stage separator

Details can be found in the one-page brochure below.

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